There are four (4) lecture rooms in the Department of Informatics Engineering, as well as one large amphitheatre (seating capacity of 500) and two smaller amphitheatres (seating capacity of 120 each), six (6) computer labs, one Cisco Networking Academy lab, a properly-designed Server Room, a lab where technical support and maintenance of ICT infrastructure is provided, and one research lab (Linux & IEEE Student Branch). All lecture rooms and amphitheatres are provided with PCs, which are connected to projectors and provide access to the web infrastructure of the Department and the Internet, and sound systems (DVD players, amplifiers and speakers) in order to enhance ICT teaching. There are also laser printers (color and black-and-white ones) and photocopiers in properly-designed rooms that can be used by teachers and students alike.

All members of the teaching personnel have their own office which is equipped with all-in-one printers (print/copy/scan functions), VoIP phone line and Internet access thanks to high-speed networking services provided by GRNET. All offices are convenient allowing teachers to meet and discuss with students.

The Registrar’s Office is equipped with computers, printers, telephones and has access to the Internet thanks to broadband networks services offered by GRNET.

There are two conference rooms in the Administration building, which provide users with phone, videoconference and Internet services via the broadband network of GRNET.

A great number of events such as workshops, seminars, conferences or various cultural events (concerts, play performances, etc.) can be held at the amphitheatres. The event management is of high quality, offering state-of-the art audiovisual equipment and providing a large number of users with wireless Internet access. All areas in the campus offer wireless as well as free Internet access.

Furthermore, the facilities of the Department have been carefully designed to facilitate access to people with disabilities. There are special ramps as well as lifts wherever necessary. There are also accessible toilets in all buldings.

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